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NH`s Function Point Analyzer 1.0

NH`s Function Point Analyzer 1.0: Calculation and visualisation of function points based on IFPUG 4.2 With NH`s Function Point Analyzer it is easy to get a quick and clear documentation of function point countings according to IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) standard 4.2. Functions are shown as tree view graphics. So you will get a understandable documentation of your application or project too. Context menues, short cuts and tool tipps support this process. Different reports make analysis of your counting an easy task.

SW Cost Estimation Program Generates software project cost & schedule estimates.
SW Cost Estimation Program

Full-featured implementation of the de facto industry standard COCOMO 81 (detailed model) software project effort and schedule estimation algorithms, with extensions that also project cost based on development organization labor grade/pay structure. Calculations are based on estimated program size, adjusted for development environment characteristics. Also includes estimates for the reuse of existing modules with modifications.

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Estimator Application Free estimating software for the construction industry
Estimator Application

estimations of very large contracts with little as possible time and effort. If you miss a file import type, send us an e-mail. Characteristics of the application: - default cost type library; - project cost type library; - copying of substantiations from a different estimation; - copying of contract specifications from a different estimation; - export to and import from estimations and cost type libraries from excel; - print an estimation; - print

estimation, construction, estimator, estimations

Visual Requirements (VR) 1.4.8: a visual tool fot concept-based requirements development and analisis
Visual Requirements (VR) 1.4.8

VR is a practical, low-cost/low-risk solution to effectively develop and manage requirements. It enables effective definition of software, computer screens, interfaces, system components, processes, dashboards, information sources, etc. using an efficient visual approach. VR helps to create requirements of better quality and increases the productivity of analysts, developers, engineers, testers, etc. It also enables effort / size estimation.

visual requirements tool, requirements engineering tool, requirements, requirements definition tool, requirements management tool, concept based, use case, requirements development tool, tool, software estimation, requirments gathering tool

DevPlanner 2.3.59: Convenient tool for managing tasks and planning daily activities.
DevPlanner 2.3.59

DevPlanner is a hierarchical planning and estimating tool. It helps managing tasks and daily schedules. It shows early and current estimates, as well as actual time spent. Tool provides history navigation, customizable reports, including project reports and timesheets, powerful search and time tracking. Convenient for preparing detailed work breakdown and accurate project time estimation. Generates mood map as colors.

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